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AKA: Lotta Lindgren

About LÉON

Emerging to the pop scene, LÉON is a singer/songwriter born in Stockholm, Sweden as the product of a musical household. She began her career as the front-woman of a hip-hop/soul group in her teenage years before embarking solo with her producing partner, Agrin Rahmani, he produced and co-wrote all songs from her first EP Treasure, released on October 23, 2015. The first single and most streamed one, “Tired of Talking” debuted on Spotify and racked up over 2 million streams in just a couple of months.

LÉON released her sophomore EP, For You, on March 3 2017, just after her successful North American tour, the EP closes with LÉON’s breakout hit “Think About You''. For You has a collective streaming total of over 70 million and streams on Spotify and climbing. The second single from EP was Liar, the only song from the EP with a music video, one of her favorite songs she has ever wrote as she told to Glamour.

Months later, she issued a another EP, Surround Me, released on October 6th, 2017 via Columbia Records, the EP includes the fan-favorite track, Surround Me and I Believe In Us, a really intimate song about the hopes of saving a relationship.

in 2018, LÉON released ‘'Baby Don’t Talk’' the lead single off her upcoming debut self-title album, the promo single, ‘'Falling’', came out just after ‘'Baby Don’t Talk’‘.

On February 1 2019, she released the second single off the album ‘'You And I’', accompanied with the announcement of her debut album, out on March 1, followed by her ‘'You and I Tour’'.

LÉON has also been featured in Grey’s single, ‘'Want You Back’' and made an appearance on Spotify’s Singles album with the cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”.